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company:Ruian Taixing Vehicle Accessories Factory
products:Various DC motors (auto air conditioning,heater,wiper and window regulator),various micromotors and parts
company:Taizhou Dafa Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Moulds for auto lamp and trimming,lamps,heaters,plastic parts
company:Ruian Yougji Weiye Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto wiper motors, heater motors, fan motors, blower motors etc.
company:Jiangsu Danyang Dongxing Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Truck auto bumpers, instrument panel, lamps, rearview mirrors, glove boxes, door assembly, heaters, blowers, steering wheel assembly etc.
company:Shanghai Delang Auto Parts Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
products:Radiators, condensers, heaters, evaporators and inter coolers
company:Ruipeng Automotive Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto wipers, window regulators; heater motors etc.
company:Zhongou (Zhejiang) Automobile Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd.
products:Wipers, door locks, window regulators, radiator fans, condenser fans, blowers, heaters, electric hydraulic mechanism etc.
company:Shanghai Sailuda Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto skylight motors, wiper assembly, power window regulators, electric fans, heaters etc.
company:Jilin Ruipeng Auto Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd.
products:Radiator assembly, inter coolers, heaters and control device
company:Fawer Visteon Auto Heat ExchangerúĘChangchunúę Co., Ltd.
products:Radiators, warm-up system
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