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company:Ningbo LiPinGe Machine Industry Co.,Ltd.
products:Air springs, shock absorbers
company:Kunshan Jinfa Hydraulic Machine Co.,Ltd.
products:Annual output: 3,000 hydraulic motors, 1.5 million sets of air spring
company:Longde Auto Parts Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
products:Driver seats, wipers, pneumatic door cylinders, pneumatic luggage store door cylinders, window regulators and motors, sensors etc.
company:Wenzhou Leili Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Electric wipers and motors, linkage, washers, luxury buses window regulators, locks, air springs, door pumps etc.
company:Taizhou Jianhuan Machinery Co.,Ltd.
products:Suspension parts (arms link),rubber parts (various mounts etc.),air springs,shock absorbers etc.
company:Ruian Yaxing Automobile Fittings Co.,Ltd.
products:Door cylinders, wipers, high-power generators, EFI fuel pumps, hydraulic tappets, mechanical tappets
company:Guangzhou Panyu Yingli Air Spring Co.,Ltd.
products:Various air springs; Annual capacity: 500000 units
company:Beijing Zhenghe Industrial and Trade Co.,Ltd.
products:Air springs with annual output of 600,000 units
company:Zhejiang Oulida Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd.
products:Gas springs, hydraulic cylinders, clutch master cylinders, brake pump, clutch booster cylinder
company:Zhuhai Oudun Air Spring Factory
products:Various air springs, annual output: 500,000 piece
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