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company:Longkou Wanhe Machinery Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto connecting rods, tie rods, screw thread components, standard parts, pressing parts, machine tooled components, machine components, plastic products
company:Guilin Shanshui Transportation Machine Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto pulleys, pressing parts, welding parts
company:Jinzhou Huayi Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.
products:Pulleys, auto starters, cold pressing parts
company:Chengdu Zeren Industry Co.,Ltd.
products:Filters (air, oil, fuel) series, sheet bar pulley series, mufflers series, starter series, fuel tanks series and sheet bar pressing parts
company:Ningbo Tuopu Brake System Co.,Ltd.
products:Pulleys, ball joint tie rods, control arms, pressing parts etc.
company:Yuhuan Shaoshi Machinery Manufacture Factory
products:Auto tensioning wheels, idle pulleys, guide pulleys and various pressing parts etc.
company:Weifang Zhongyi Automobile Fittings Co.,Ltd.
products:Fuel tanks and parts, auto metal sheet pressing parts, cabin cover member etc.
company:Yuejin Group Stamp Branch Company
products:Auto exhaust mufflers, fuel tank device, three-way catalytic converters, footplate device and other pressing parts
company:Tangshan Chengqi Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto transmission cases, pressing parts, plastic fuel tanks, engine clapboard, air inlet manifold etc.
company:Hebei Sanhe Yongxing Welfare Automobile Fittings Factory
products:Fuel tanks, pallet assembly, parking brakes and other auto pressing parts
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