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company:Guangzhou Comet Automobile Brake Technology Development Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto ABS
company:VIE Group Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto brake system parts, clutch control system parts, boost steering system and auto engineering plastic parts
company:Jiaozuo Brake Share Co.,Ltd.
products:ABS/ASR, disc brakes
company:Shandong Weiming Automotive Products Co.,Ltd.
products:Disc brakes, brake products, ABS/ARS, ECAS etc.
company:Jintan Jinyu Mutual Inductor Equipment Factory
products:ABS, wheel speed sensors, mutual inductors
company:Shanghai Temic Electronic Co.,Ltd.
products:Electron controllers (ABS)
company:Xuzhou Lianmeng New-high Technology Development Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto ABS, ASR, EDS, ESP
company:Shanghai Real Industrial Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto ABS control valves, wheel cover, crash stripe, brake master cylinders and other alunminium alloy parts
company:Jiangsu Jinyu Automotive Electron Co.,Ltd.
products:ABS sensors, TPMS
company:Mando (Suzhou) Auto Chassis System Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto ABS, steering system, steering gears, steering columns etc.
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