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company:Fujikura Diesel Co.,Ltd.
products:Cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, camshafts, pistons, starters, fuel supply pumps, engines etc.
company:Shenyang Xinguang Huaxiang Automobile Engine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
products:Gasoline engines (G4A), cylinder heads etc.
company:Anhui Yuexi Cylinder Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto cylinder sleeves
company:Nanping Huamin Automobile Fitting Industry Co.,Ltd.
products:Piston rings, pistons, piston pins, cylinder sleeves etc.
company:Zhejiang Rongfa Motor Engine Co.,Ltd.
products:Exhaust turbochargers, motorcycle engines, gasoline engines and blocks etc.
company:Henan Zhongzhou Group Co.,Ltd.
products:Camshafts, differential axles, big frames, axles, cylinder sleeves, drive shafts, knuckles, gears and gear shafts etc.
company:Laiyang Yongli Jinggong Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Annual output: cylinder sleeves, 2 million units
company:Zhejiang Kaishan Cylinder Co.,Ltd.
products:Various cylinder sleeves
company:DFM Casting No.1 Factory
products:Cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, camshafts, intake/exhaust manifolds, transmission housing etc.; Annual capacity: 80,000 tons
company:Guangdong Zhaoqing Power Accessories Co.,Ltd.
products:Annual output: engine cylinder sleeves, 3 million units; cylinder heads, 3 million units; pistons 1 million units
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