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company:Guangzhou Runhope Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Heavy vehicle chambers, adjusting arms
company:Qingdao Linntec Industrial Co.,Ltd.
products:Aluminium alloy die-casting, U bolts, brake chambers, automatic adjusting arms, brakes etc.
company:Shandong Taili Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Various transmission controllers, cab roll locks, compressed gas cylinders, auto tanks, brake and clutch control frame assembly
company:Yangzhou Changyun Auto Fuel Tank Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto fuel tanks, air tanks etc.
company:Shanghai Feiling Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
products:Auto front-rear brake chambers
company:Wujin Junyu Automobile Painting Co., Ltd.
products:Transmission controllers, stabilizer bars, steering rods, exhaust mufflers, dopes
company:Hangzhou Xingyi Metal Products Co., Ltd.
products:Brake shoes, air chambers, camshafts
company:Shiyan Huaipeng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
products:Auto compressed air cylinders, mudguards, frames
company:DCEA truck Parts Co., Ltd.
products:Brake pumps, dump valves, clutches, clutch pumps, engines, gears, air pumps, water pumps, oil filter beds, fuel pumps
company:Shiyan Lingdun Automobile Brake Co., Ltd.
products:Auto brake valves, manual valves, spring brake chambers
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