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company:Jinjiang Chaoyu Automobile Fitting Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto lower arms, tension rods and ball heads, engine mounts etc.
company:Quanzhou Xingtai Rubber & Plastic Factory
products:Auto torsion rubber core, engine mounts, drive shaft bracket assemblies, various bolts etc.
company:Guangzhou Feida Cylinder Head Gasket Facyoty
products:Engine cylinder gaskets
company:Qingdao Economic Technology Development Shanda Autoparts Plant
products:Rubber connectors, transmission axles, engine frame gaskets, radiator pipes, brake parts
company:Wenzhou Cneu Filter Co., Ltd.
products:Hydraulic engine mount assembly, sleeve, dust cover, shock absorber rubber parts etc.
company:Ninghai Jianxin Rubber & Plastic Co.,Ltd.
products:Engine damping bracket, transmission support, damping components, engine cylinder sealing, window weather strips, trimming, auto jacket series, harness products series
company:Ningbo Oucer Vibration Control System Co.,Ltd.
products:Support for driving shaft, engine mounts, rubber bumper and other chassis rubber parts
company:Ningbo Zhenhai Qizheng Engine Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Various crankshafts with annual capacity of 100,000 units, engine mounts of 500,000 units
company:Beijing Giraffe Spinning Tech.Co.,Ltd.
products:Pulley series etc.
company:Yongkang Yongqiang Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Engine rubber shock absorb mounts, oil pan etc.
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