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company:Nanfang Space Navigation Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
products:Engine cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, electric steering gears
company:Hubei Kangji Auto Parts Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
products:Annual output:15000 cylinder blocks, 30000 camshafts, 30000 cylinder heads, 40000 flywheel housings, clutch housings, gears etc.
company:Liaoning Yuanpeng Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Engine parts, brakes and parts, steering gear parts, transmission parts, brake calipers, cylinder heads, crankshafts, camshafts, starters, generators, carburetors, distributors, radiators, lamps, body parts
company:Henan Zhongyuan Machinery Factory
products:Engine cases, water pumps housings, A/C compressor housings, steering gear housings, transmission housings, wheel hubs etc.; Annual output: aluminium alloy die-casting, 1200 tons
company:Qixia Yinyun Piston & Hydraulic Component Co.,Ltd.
products:Pistons with annual output of 5 million units, gear pumps of 800,000 units, oil pumps of 150,000 units
company:Yuhuan Luan Machinery Co., Ltd.
products:Piston, drive shaft, worm gear, gear, etc.
company:Harbin Hafei Electromechanical Products Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto air conditioners, steering gears, inner & outer trimming, inner & outer cover member, drive shafts, differential axles, exhaust purify system standard parts, lamps, ICE pistons, crankshafts etc.
company:Hubei Cheboshi Commercial Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd.
products:Flywheel gears, crankshaft, cylinder body, cylinder head, pistons, connecting rods, gap blocks, clutch discs, water pumps, starters, generators, valves
company:Wuxi Sunver Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
products:Various printers, motorcycle parts, gears, pistons, bearings etc.
company:Shanghai Gift Automotive Spare Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Shock absorbers, clutches, bearings, steering gears, water pumps, pistons, tappets, valves, generators, starters, electric fuel pumps, relays, condensers and other A/C parts, window regulators etc.
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