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company:Wuhan Boqi Automobile Decorative Fabric Co.,Ltd.
products:Inner decoration fabrics, seat fabrics
company:jiangsu Kuangda Auto Fabric (Group) Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto inner trimming fabric, annual capacity: 10 million meters
company:Changchun Kuangda Auto Fabric Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto seating fabric, curtain, inner trimming
company:Tianjin Kuangda Auto Fabric Co.,Ltd.
products:Seat decoration fabric
company:Nanjing Aopo Fabric Co.,Ltd.
products:Annual capacity: 2 million meters cloth (auto, train seat cloth, interior trim parts cloth)
company:Shenyang Jinbei Johnson Controls Automotive Interiors Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto seats, canvas parts and other components
company:Jiangyin Yanli Automobile Decorative Parts Co., Ltd.
products:Auto trimming strips, friction proof strips, annual output 1 million meter; Auto inner decoration material (linen fibre panel), inner decoration parts (roof, Hat and coat stand )
company:Shanghai Shenda Co. Auto Inner Trimming Career Dept.
products:Auto carpet, inner decoration cloth, seat cloth, safety belt, sound insulation cushion and Auto roof, inner panel
company:Shanghai Kawashima Shenda Textile Co.,Ltd.
products:Special fabric (inner trimming for auto, plan and train etc.) and other fabric
company:Hongda Warp Knitting Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto inner trimming fabric
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