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company:Hangzhou Manao Motor Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Various auto drive shafts and components, engineering machine drive shafts and motorcycle front rear mudguard, bumpers etc.
company:Jiangsu Chenguang Auto & Motor Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto bumpers, front radiator cover, front bumper lights, rear combination lights
company:Ruian Jilong Automobile Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd.
products:Starters, armature and other motor parts etc.
company:Hebei Dacheng Zhongtian Plastic Products Factory
products:Auto generators, motor parts, door lock accessories, various clutch facing, air pumps, fuel pumps etc.
company:Ruian Zhongbo Starter Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
products:Starters, rotors, switches, stator coil and other motor parts
company:Shanghai Jianwei Automobile Electric Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto rectifiers
company:Changzhou Baorui Motors Factory
products:Auto generators, starters and components, annual capacity: 200000 units
company:Taizhou Qiyuan Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd.
products:AC generator vacuum pump assemblies for auto and tractor
company:Ningbo Huarui Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd.
products:Various commutators
company:Ruian Wangjin Instrument Element Factory
products:Battery chargers, In-vehicle converting devices, In-vehicle mobile-phone chargers, modulators, flashers, wiper intermission relays, electric horns, relays, water temperature meter, electric vehicle controllers etc.
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