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company:Yangzhou Maxi-Cube Tong Composites Co.,Ltd.
products:Composite case plate for cold storage, heating and dry cargo vehicle
company:Zhejiang Wandeyuan Vehicle Fitting Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto wipers, heater motors, filter paper
company:Zhejiang Wangdeyuan Motorcycle Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto wipers, filter paper
company:Shanghai Shenda Nonwovens Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
products:Vehicle inner nonwoven fabric, various nonwoven fabric
company:Yibin Jinchuan Electronics Co.,Ltd.
products:Various high class ferrite permanent magnetism material and parts, ferrite permanent magnetism parts etc.
company:Cixi Donde Packing & Gasket Factory
products:Sealing parts, gasket and decoration panel
company:Hebei Anping County Jincheng Filter Paper Factory
products:Auto and industry filter paper
company:Shijiazhuang Kelin Filter Paper Co.,Ltd.
products:Filter paper, fabric, filters
company:Hebei Xingtai Shanfeng Sealing Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto and motorcycle oil seal, valve oil seal, vehicle asbestos paper, three way wheel and various rubber parts
company:Changchun Guangyang Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Various clutch driven discs and ceramic parts, pressure plates, clutch driven disc fiber
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