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company:Wanxiang Group
products:Universal joints, driving shafts, bearings, brake assembly, tie-rods, wheels, brake caliper etc.
company:Hangzhou Wanlida Automobile Steering System Co.,Ltd.
products:Recirculating ball steering gears, rack pinion steering gears, steering columns, universal joint fork assembly, steering tie-rods etc.
company:Huixing Jixie Peijian Co., Ltd.
products:Gear, all kinds of flange, the differential cross-shaft, various gaskets, torque plastic core, bolts, rod ball first-class
company:Jinjiang Hengchi Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Suspension upper/lower ball heads, front axles, stabilizer bars, engine beam, arms, stabilizer bar seat, drive shaft brackets, tension rods, booster tensioning wheel assemblies, clutch shifting forks, foot plate etc.
company:Taizhou Fengzheng Steering System Co.,Ltd.
products:Ball joints, tie rods, ball hinges, control arms, gear rack steering gears, steering drive shafts etc.
company:Dongfeng JC Auto Shock Absorber Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto shock absorbers, suspension springs, ball heads, brake pad, wheel hubs etc.
company:Penglai Tianri Polyurethane Co.,Ltd.
products:Push bars, PU joints
company:Yuhuan Zhengshi Machinery Co.,Ltd.
products:Ball heads, suspension arms, camshafts, manually operation brake adjusting arms and various pressing parts, tension rods, high strength bolts, nonstandard parts etc.
company:Ningbo USJ Transmission Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto ball joints, ball joints, knuckle bearings, steering suspension ball joints
company:Chongqing Ruijia Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
products:Steering bars, suspension parts
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