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company:Shanghai Meridian Magnesium Products Co.,Ltd.
products:Electron alloys die-casting: transmission housing, shell covers, brake footplate bracket, instrument panel bracket, driving handle bracket, cylinder heads, seat frames
company:Chongqing Yujiang Die Casting Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto transmission cases, electronic motor cases, motorcycle cylinder bodies, cylinder heads
company:Chongqing Landai Industry Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto, motorcycle gears and shafts, transmission gears and engine cylinder blocks
company:Linzhou Zhoulv Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto engine cylinder blocks, clutch housing, transmission housing etc.
company:Liaoning Yuanpeng Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Engine parts, brakes and parts, steering gear parts, transmission parts, brake calipers, cylinder heads, crankshafts, camshafts, starters, generators, carburetors, distributors, radiators, lamps, body parts
company:Henan Zhongyuan Machinery Factory
products:Engine cases, water pumps housings, A/C compressor housings, steering gear housings, transmission housings, wheel hubs etc.; Annual output: aluminium alloy die-casting, 1200 tons
company:Shenyang Zhenghong Automobile Parts Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
products:Drive shafts, ball heads, water pumps, seat adjusters, brake pad, pistons, transmission parts etc.
company:Ningbo Tongmuo New Materials Co.,Ltd.
products:Powder metallurgy parts: timing belt wheels, chain wheels, valve seats, valve guides, oil pump gears, transmission gear hubs, power steering pump rotors, stators, ABS boosting rings, shock absorber pistons, foot valve seats etc.
company:Sichuan Nanlei Valve Seat Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
products:ICE valve seats, valve tappets, valve rocker arms and auto transmission forks
company:Chongqing Juxing Traffic Industry (Group) Co.,Ltd.
products:Valve rocker arms, shift forks, gear selector drums, transmissions, one-way devices, drive gears etc.
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