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company:Yuanzheng Auto & Motorcycle Accessories Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto fuel pumps, shock absorbers, window regulators, cylinder gasket, brake pad, switches, wiper motors, starters, rzeppa constant velocity universal joints etc.
company:Zhejiang Riffle Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto wipers, electronic fuel pumps, electromagnetic valves, start-stop controllers, window regulators
company:Ruian Fenghua Auto Electric Co.,Ltd.
products:EFI fuel pumps, wiper assemblies, air filters, multi-function switches
company:Wenzhou Better Electromechanical Industry Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto window regulators, wipers, EFI fuel pumps, fans, starters, generators etc.
company:Changzhou Riying Electrical Co.,Ltd.
products:Various connectors, harness, gasoline nozzles, fuse, relays, switches, wipers, washers etc.
company:Zhongou International Group
products:Cab tilting device, wiper assembly, window regulators, fans, electronic motors, locks, valves, pumps
company:Wenzhou Chaohang Electromechanical Co.,Ltd.
products:Radiator fans, condenser fans, wiper motors, blowers, electric pumps and window regulator motors
company:Ruian Hongye Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd.
products:Generators series, starters series, EFI fuel pumps, wiper motors series, automatic rising antennas series
company:Harbin Jinyi Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
products:Turbochargers and parts, horns, ignition coils, plastic products, sensors, wheel decoration covers, instrument panel, preheaters, wiper with interval delays, power window controllers, relays, flash mechanism, fuel Pumps etc.
company:Ruipeng Automotive Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto wipers, window regulators; heater motors etc.
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