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company:Chiping Luhuan Auto Radiator Co.,Ltd.
products:Copper radiators, aluminum radiators, inter coolers, condensers etc.
company:Ruian Taixing Vehicle Accessories Factory
products:Various DC motors (auto air conditioning,heater,wiper and window regulator),various micromotors and parts
company:Taizhou Tianqiang Air Condition System Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto air condition evaporators, condensers and car inter coolers
company:Yangzhou Deerfu Radiator Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto radiators, inter coolers, condensers, evaporators etc.
company:Songxin Auto Air Conditioner Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Air conditioner components such as condensers, evaporators, pipe, dryer, expansion valves etc.; Annual sale: 18 million RMB
company:Xuzhou Huanhai Zhongyi Electromechanical Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto motors of air conditioning system
company:Zhejiang Xinjing Air Conditioning Equipment Co.,Ltd.
products:Various air conditioner parts: expansion valves, solenoid valves, four-way diverter valves, condensers, evaporators etc.
company:Jiangsu Chunfeng Power Machiney Co., Ltd
products:Automotive radiators, farm truck radiator, heater radiator, condenser and other diesel engines
company:Ruian Bangzhong Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Radiators, heater cores, condensers, air condition clutches
company:Hebei Nanfeng Automobile EquipmentGroup Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto filters, defrosters, bus heater system
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