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company:Suzhou Sate Auto Electronic Co.,Ltd.
products:TPMS etc.
company:Shenzhen Ruidian Communications Electronic Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto intelligent tire safety early-warning system
company:Nanjing Huamin Electronics Co.,Ltd.
products:Hall-effect geartooth speed sensors,hall-effect vane switches,camshaft position sensors,crankshaft position sensors,pulse speed and mile sensors,wheel speed sensors,photoelectric crankshaft position sensors,variable reluctance sensors etc.
company:Zhejiang Fushi Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd.
products:Air filters, race seats, steering wheels, switches, rack, horns, turbo-chargers, rearview mirrors, exhaust pipe, HID, TPMS etc.
company:Shenzhen Zhongying Kelong Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
products:TPMS, GPS, GPRS etc.
company:Guangzhou Yinghua Electron Factory
products:Temperature & pressure monitoring system, auto various freshing scent, weatherglass etc.
company:Guangdong Yongtaihe Auto Accessories Co.,Ltd.
products:Back up radars, center control locks, horns, travel data recorders, automatism antennas etc.
company:Suzhou HANDA Industrial Automatic Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto data recorders, rejectors for auto motors, speed limited devices, chassis lubricating system controllers
company:Shantou Tonki Auto-Tech Co.,Ltd.
products:New type tire pressure monitoring system
company:Shanghai Hangsheng Industry Co.,Ltd.
products:DVD system, VCD system, GPS system, backing monitors, auto data recorders, safety system; intellective traffic control system etc.
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