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company:Ruian Jinpeng Electric Factory
products:Various electropneumatic valve, solenoid switches, horns, carburetor solenoid valve, various oil alarms, various water temperature sensors, starting relays, belt tensioners, mini relays etc.
company:Spsun Group Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto and Motorcycle instruments, rockers, gears, electronic ignitors, ignition switches, oil pumps, shock absorbers, filters, horns, ignition coils etc.
company:Hebei Jiean Automobile Fittings Co.,Ltd.
products:Filters (air, oil, fuel), filter cores, water pumps, nonferrous die-casting, electric horns, filter spanners etc.
company:Ruian Changzheng Auto Electric Appliance Factory
products:Auto instruments, gasoline filters, wiper arms and blade series, horn series, jack series, various switches, door lock series
company:Ruian Fuqiang Automobile Fittings Factory
products:Various filters and electric water pumps, electromagnet injection pumps, electromagnet water valve, low speed truck handles, horns etc.; Annual output: filters: 1 million units
company:Wenzhou Shuangjian Ind. Group Co.,Ltd.
products:Steering wheels, race seats, storage boxes, air filters, horns, rearview mirrors, wiper motors, forging parts, standard parts etc.
company:Zhejiang Fushi Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd.
products:Air filters, race seats, steering wheels, switches, rack, horns, turbo-chargers, rearview mirrors, exhaust pipe, HID, TPMS etc.
company:Ruian Changsheng Filter Co.,Ltd.
products:Filters, one-way devices, horns
company:Ruian Yiluoxin Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd.
products:Electronic adjustors, horns, flashers, relays, sensors, switches, distributor cover, spark plugs, locks series, filters series etc.
company:Ruian Luofeng Fengfan Auto Parts Factory
products:Auto ignition switches, multi-function switches, headlight boosters, jacks, relays, flashers, horns etc.
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