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company:Dongfeng (Shiyan) Zixing Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd.
products:Valve tappets, piston pins, oil pumps, valve rocker arms etc.
company:Zhejiang Heri Rocker Arm Co.,Ltd.
products:ICE valve rocker arms, rockers
company:Sichuan Nanlei Valve Seat Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
products:ICE valve seats, valve tappets, valve rocker arms and auto transmission forks
company:Laizhou Jinquan Rocker Arm Co.,Ltd.
products:Valve rocker arms (cylinder diameter: 70-200mm), rocker arm shaft seats, rockers
company:Zhejiang Yuhuan Tianfa Machinery Co.,Ltd.
products:Engine components such as valve rocker arms, valve rocker arm shafts, oil pump drive parts, crankshafts, pulleys etc.
company:Yuhuan Changxin Machinery Factory
products:Auto tappets, valve rocker arms, valves adjustment shim
company:Weida Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Valve rocker arm shafts, engine pulleys, generator bracket, high strength bolts, air condition tensioners and bracket, compressor bracket, sealing gasket rings etc.
company:Chengdu Tianhui Valve Guide Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
products:Auto engine valve manifolds, valve rockers, pre-ignition chambers
company:Yuhuan Xinyuanchang Machinery Co.,Ltd.
products:Valve rocker arms, rocker arm shafts, valve guide etc.
company:Taizhou Wonderful Machinery Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto engine valve rocker arms, rocker arm shafts, clutch release lever, clutch forks, knuckle king pins, timing tooth belt tensioners etc.
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