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company:Guangxi Swan Battery Co.,Ltd.
products:Various batteries
company:Huabei Storage Battery Co.,Ltd.
products:Various auto batteries
company:Zhongshan Baoli Battery Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto batteries
company:Shandong Longkou Battery General Factory
products:Annual output: 1.6 million KVAH batteries; 2 million rubber & plastic parts
company:Yangzhou Apollo Battery Co.,Ltd.
products:Lead-acid battery
company:Hangzhou Haijiu Battery Co.,Ltd.
products:Batteries for autos, motorcycles and electronic bicycles
company:Shanghai C & D Battery Co.,Ltd.
company:Hubei Camel Storage Battery Co.,Ltd.
products:Various auto batteries
company:Shenyang Dongbei Storage Battery Co.,Ltd.
products:Various lead-acid batteries
company:Shanghai Johnson Controls International Battery Co.,Ltd.
products:Maintenance-free batteries, annual output: 2.5 million
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