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company:Changzhou Dongchen Vehicle Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto safety belts, lamps, rearview mirrors, inner decoration plastic parts
company:Changzhou Bowanda Automobile Safety Equipment Co., Ltd.
products:Auto safety belts assembly, lamps, plastic parts
company:Siemens VDO Automotive Electron (Changchun) Co.,Ltd.
products:ECU for engine and transmission, air bags, sensors
company:Jinheng Automotive Safety Technology Holdings Limited
products:Air bags, safety belts, steering wheels, gas generators, harness, auto ECU; cylinder sleeves, pistons, variable valve timingVVTetc.
company:LEYE Yongfeng Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto trimming, steering wheel sleeve, safety belts, brake lamps, audio etc.
company:Xiamen Wondee Autoparts Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto leaf springs, transmission axles, steering wheels, wheel hubs, suspensions, air suspensions, air bags, relays
company:Nanjing Automobile Decorative Parts General Co.
products:Name plate, rearview mirrors, sun visor, air conditioner vent, transom lights, steering wheels, auto trimming strip, safety belts, auto wheel hubs covers, instrument panel, name plate etc.
company:Wuxi Mingfang Automotive Components Industry Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto safety belts, door hinges, limiters, window regulators, slip rail adjusters etc.
company:Shanghai East Joy Long Motor Airbag Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto driver air bag DAB modules, steering wheels, spiral cables, wiring harnesses
company:Shanghai Autoliv Auto Safety System Co.,Ltd.
products:Air bags
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