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company:Nanjing Jinding Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
products:Auto rear wings, engine valve spring, shock absorbers, park brake system, auto cables
company:Shandong Automotive Fitting Spring Factory
products:Auto leaf spring with annual output of 50,000 tons, suspension springs of 2 million units, engine valve springs of 50 million, stabilizer bar of 800,000 units
company:Beijing Spring Factory
products:Auto engine valve springs with an annual output 6,000,000 and various springs 20,000,000
company:Hangzhou Spring Co.,Ltd.
products:Valves springs; Annual output: various springs 7.63 million units
company:Guangzhou Huade Automobile Spring Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto suspension springs, valve springs, motorcycle suspension springs, brake air chamber springs, oil pump springs etc.
company:Hubei Baoma Spring Co.,Ltd.
products:Valve springs, clutch pressure plate spring, automatic valve spring
company:Taizhou Huantai Electric Appliance Factory
products:Rockers,bush,air springs
company:Yuhuan Hongyongxin Machine Factory
products:High strength bolts, connecting rod bolts, valve push rods, valve push rods, valve tappets, spring seat lock, rockers, valve rocker shafts etc.
company:Yuhuan Huanghai Auto Parts Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
products:Valve rocker arms, various gears, connecting rod bolts, valve spring seats, odometer drive machinery, clutch driven discs etc.
company:Hangzhou Xingfa Spring Co.,Ltd.
products:Shock absorber springs, clutch springs, valve springs; Annual capacity: car suspension springs, 1 million; engine valve springs, 8 million units; clutch springs, 20 million units etc.
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