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company:Shanghai Chenli Industrial Co., Ltd.
products:Various inner decoration, water tanks, fuel tanks, injection moulding fashioned auto parts
company:Changzhou Tenglong Auto.Acces MFG Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto air conditioner pipe
company:Tianjin Pengling Rubber Hose Co.,Ltd.
products:Cooling pipes and assembly, fuel hose and assembly, R134A air-conditioning hose and assembly, fuel hose, silicone tube, fluorine rubber hose, AEM air pipes, etc.
company:Ningbo Songying Auto Air-conditioner Spare Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto air conditioner expansion valves
company:Taian Dingxin Coolers Co.,Ltd.
products:Radiators and other heat exchangers
company:Shanghai Velle Auto Air-conditioning Co.,Ltd.
products:Various delivery capacity compressors, evaporators, condensers, intellective air condition control system, heat expansion valves and air condition pipe etc.
company:Songxin Auto Air Conditioner Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Air conditioner components such as condensers, evaporators, pipe, dryer, expansion valves etc.; Annual sale: 18 million RMB
company:Zhejiang Bowei Car Air-condition Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto air conditioner expansion valves, pipe, joints and other electronic appliance
company:Zhejiang Xinjing Air Conditioning Equipment Co.,Ltd.
products:Various air conditioner parts: expansion valves, solenoid valves, four-way diverter valves, condensers, evaporators etc.
company:Eaton-Senstar Auto Fluid Connector (Shanghai) Co.
products:Auto aircondition hose, steering gear hose
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