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company:Yantai Sanxing Brake Rotor Co.,Ltd.
products:Various brake discs, brake drums, flywheels, front wheel shell, rear short shafts etc.
company:Fujiwa Machinery Industry (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd.
products:Brake discs, brake drums, knuckles, wheel hubs, exhaust manifolds, final drives, differentials, flywheels, turbine covers etc.; Annual output: 25000 tons, 6.25 million units
company:Dalian Hongyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
products:Various auto brake discs
company:Jinan Xinruida Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Muffler assemblies, brake discs, brake pad, pulley tensioning wheel etc.
company:Shandong Huashunmeng New Material Co.,Ltd.
products:Brake pad, brake discs, brake drums, engine flywheels, composite cutting tools etc.
company:Shijiazhuang Dongxing Engine Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Crankshafts, flywheel assemblies, brake discs, brake drums etc. auto parts
company:Hebei Botou Fuzhen 130 Auto Parts Factory
products:Various car and minicar front/rear brake discs, brake drums, axle shafts, flywheels etc.
company:Yibenma Group Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto filters with annual output of 20 million, starters of 500,000 units, fuel supply pumps of 700,000 units, belt of 10 million, brake discs of 2.4 million
company:Beijing Fengtonghong Trading Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto spark plugs, wiper blade, brake discs, brake shoe, filters etc.
company:Guangzhou Desino Car Parts Co., Ltd.
products:e pad, brake disc, shock absorber, ball joint, control arm, filters, Cage, piston, piston rings, spark plugs, etc.
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