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company:Dongying Aoruite Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto exhaust systems, three-way catalyze converters, mufflers
company:Shanghai Longzhao Automotive Components Co.,Ltd.
products:Stainless steel pipe of exhaust system; Annual output: 1,500 tons
company:Shanghai Baolong Automotive Corporation
products:Auto mufflers and decorative tailpipe, wheel accessories; Annual revenue: RMB45 million, tire wheels, exhaust systems, tire air pressure
company:Harbin Airui Automotive Exhaust Systems Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto exhaust system (mufflers, three-way catalytic converters); annual output: 500,000 units
company:Walker-Eberspaecher Automotive Exhaust System Co.,Ltd.
products:Exhaust systems (BMW E60, 318i & 325i, Audi A4 (1.8L turbine engines 2.4L, 3.0L) etc.)
company:Tenneco Tongtai (Dalian) Exhaust System Co., Ltd.
products:Exhaust system with purifier
company:Faurecia Exhaust System (Changchun) Co.,Ltd.
products:Various mufflers and purifiers
company:Marelli Power System (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
products:EFI ECU, intake manifolds module (including throttle bodies, sensors etc.), exhaust systems (including three-way catalytic converters etc.)
company:Arvin Meritor China Investment Co., Ltd.
products:Various exhaust system
company:Tianjin Huaruida Automobile Muffler Co.,Ltd.
products:Mufflers, three-way catalytic convertors, exhaust manifolds, exhaust systems accessories etc.; Annual output: 300,000 units
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