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company:Baishida Heavy Automotive Parts Factory
products:Rubber bush assemblies, clutch driven discs, balance shaft bracket and assemblies, free pulleys, driving&driven; cylinder gears, differentials, cylinder gear housing, flange forks, drive shafts, balance shaft bush, thrust washers, balance shafts etc
company:Shengan (Quanzhou) Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto chassis parts: brake drums, brake shoe backs, wheel hubs, spring seats, flanges, flange forks, differentials, clutch lever etc.
company:Henan Changge Changpeng Machinery Manufacture Factory
products:Truck differential cages, clutch housings, brackets, balancing shaft hangers, reaction rod, cylinder gear housings, balancing shaft seat, parking brakes, brake discs, flange etc.
company:Yuhuan Gaipu Machnery Co., Ltd.
products:Brake master cylinder, clutch pump, rear cylinder, waterpumps, axle flanges, etc.
company:Shanghai Bozhong Gasoline Engine Co.,Ltd.
products:Motor bracket assembly, intake manifold assembly, front oil seal flanges, mini farming gasoline engines, motorcycle engines, car transmissions, engine parts
company:Changge Shuntong Auto Parts Factory
products:Differential cages, transmission housings, dual axle brackets, balancing shaft seats, flange forks, exhaust pipe etc.
company:Jinjiang Kena Precise Forging Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto gears, flanges, differential axle gears, planet gears, synchronizers, engineering gears, flanges
company:Jiangyin Quanhuafeng Precision Forging Co.,Ltd.
products:Drive parts and special parts: differential planet gears, side gears, starter gears, synchronizer rings, universal joints, VE pump cam, flange
company:Jinjiang Xiyuan Quanshun Auto Parts Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
products:Steering knuckles king pin repair kit, steering knuckles king pins, leaf spring pins, bolt nut, synchronizers, axle shafts gears, flange, steering knuckles vertical arms, cross shafts, ball head pins, tension rods, brake chambers etc.
company:Huixing Jixie Peijian Co., Ltd.
products:Gear, all kinds of flange, the differential cross-shaft, various gaskets, torque plastic core, bolts, rod ball first-class
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