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company:Jiangdu Yatai Machinery & Electron Co.,Ltd.
products:Various service tool & kit, trailer suspensions etc.
company:China Highway Vehicle & Machinery Co. Ltd.
products:Chassis, suspensions
company:Ningbo Yuejin Automobile Front Axle Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto independent suspension assembly with annual capacity of 100,000 sets, steering knuckles of 280,000 sets, torsion bar of 600,000
company:Wanxiang Qianchao (Guilin) Auto Chassis Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Wheel rims, drum/disc brake assembly, front suspension assembly, steering ball joint pin assembly, mufflers, rear balance suspensions, water pumps
company:Zhenjiang Baohua Semi-Trailer Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Saddle towing, suspension system, towing pins, air accumulators, support device, spare wheel lifters etc.
company:Jilin Chuncheng Automobile Spare Parts Factory
products:Various drive shafts and parts, various flanges, flange forks, steering parts, suspensions etc.
company:Zhejiang Chuangyuan Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
products:Various auto rear axles, suspension control arms, beam, suspensions etc.
company:Tenneco (Beijing) Ride Control System Co. Ltd.
products:Auto shock absorbers, independent suspensions; annual capacity: 1,500,000
company:Danyang Automobile & Ship Decoration Part Co.,Ltd.
products:Auto skylights, fans, inner carriers, lamps, air condition parts
company:Longkou Xuxin Machinery Co.,Ltd.
products:Brake drums, various wheel hubs, brake drums, various suspension for truck and tipper etc.
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